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Two Jersey kids, on the move. Fresh Nest Blog: home improvement and diy projects

Fresh Nest Blog authors Andrew and Megan
We were both born and raised in New Jersey. Andrew in the central part of the state and Megan at the Jersey Shore (not that Jersey Shore). We met in college, moved to the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia, PA and have since moved again. Now we’re getting married, buying a house and starting a new little life for ourselves. This should be interesting…

Fresh Nest Blog is a home improvement and DIY blog. We started Fresh Nest Blog to document all of the trials and tribulations we would undoubtedly experience while planning a wedding, buying a house and doing whatever else it is that adults do after these major milestones. For one, we have some lofty renovation and remodeling dreams. We’re basically here to keep a record of our process and to pretty much laugh at ourselves. {If we don’t end up crying about it all first I’d be surprised}.

This stuff is pretty fresh, but in case you need a little more…

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