All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go…

Until now! I guess it’s pretty true that with a new year comes new changes. I had another epiphany recently; not another living room epiphany, (although that was a pretty awesome one that you can read about here), but a dresser epiphany.

One of the biggest challenges in our house is storage. Like most older homes, closet space is very limited in our house, so we’re always looking for new storage solutions. There is currently 1 dresser in our bedroom that’s filled with all of my clothes. Andrew’s dresser is in our office. He uses the office closet and I use the bedroom closet. It works out pretty well anyway; since Andrew gets up so early for work, it gives him a separate space to get ready. This way he doesn’t feel as though he’s bothering me while I catch some extra ‘Zzzz’.

But anyway, back to the epiphany…in our previous apartments, we were able to put our 2, 3-drawer Ikea dressers side by side. There’s enough room in the office to do this now, but not in the bedroom, so why not go up? The plan right now is to purchase 1 new Ikea (Malm) dresser for our bedroom, but this time we’ll get the larger, 4-drawer guy. Then the 3-drawer that’s currently in the bedroom, will get booted to the office, where it can live side by side with its mate, the other 3-drawer. Here’s what the current setup looks like:

Bedroom IKEA Malm Dresser

Office IKEA Malm Dresser

Office wall

With the new, proposed arrangement, I will gain 1 extra drawer and Andrew will actually gain 3 (but we may share a few or use a couple for storing other items that are currently taking up space in our office closets).

All we need to do is re-arrange the office a bit. The 2, 3-drawer dressers will live on the big wall that currently serves as a space for our keyboard. The keyboard will move over to where the 3-drawer dresser currently is, and voila! We’ll be ‘dressed’ to kill.

Stay tuned because in the coming weeks, we’ll most likely have a follow-up to this post so you can see the new arrangement. In the meantime, definitely don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook to see what we’re up to and Follow me (Megan) on Pinterest to see where all of our inspiration is coming from!

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