Bathroom 911!

If you’re following us on Twitter, you already know we had a little accident in the bathroom last week:

Missing soap dishMissing soap dish in tubYep – that just happened! It looks like our bathroom remodel is going to come sooner than we thought!

I was minding my own business as I got out of the shower early last week when I noticed a little gap in the caulk that holds clearly doesn’t really hold the soap dish to the wall. So I reached down and literally just picked the soap dish up, right off the wall. It was the easiest demo I’ve ever done.

Now that we have a piece of our lovely tile scheme missing, we decided we had to do something to cover up this atrocity for the time being.

Contact paper over missing soap dish in tubVoila! Some leftover contact paper from papering the kitchen cabinets did the trick! Andrew read about this online so we figured we’d give it a shot. So far it is withstanding all of the moisture, so it seems to be a good temporary solution to a very big problemo!

We consulted with our friend who has a hand in this business and he was able to give us some advice. We’re going to want to completely gut and re-do the bathroom. Since this mixes with plumbing, we’re probably going to turn to the experts on this one.

I’ve been 100% overwhelmed by everything we’ve done so far, but I couldn’t be more relaxed about this. I’m actually really excited to just do a complete overhaul. I’ve been so annoyed by the bathroom everyday, but this soap dish dilemma was the straw that broke the camel’s back – and the perfect excuse to get this project started!

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