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Needless to say, I haven’t exactly been inspired to write blog posts lately. Hence the lack of posts over the past few weeks as Andrew mentioned the other day. That doesn’t mean we don’t continue to be inspired to do other things though. I’m constantly thinking about the house and everywhere we go I’m getting new ideas. I’ve been on a hunt for new pillows for quite some time now. This is how I usually do things; I get an idea in my head (whether it exists in real life or not is beside the point) and then I’m “in the market” for it. I had been dreaming up different pillow ideas because I was tired of just plain black.
Pillows, home decorEven though our pillows are super soft and comfy, I think pillows are a great opportunity to add something a little more interesting to a room. As I said, when I’m “in the market” for something, I don’t go and actively seek it out. I just kind of wait for it to come along. Do this and you will find what you’re looking for in the most unusual places; guaranteed.

While searching for something to wear for the “Ugly Sweater” contest my company was doing for our holiday lunch and gift exchange (I know, super cute), I decided to check out Stein Mart. It’s next to our neighborhood Kohls. I had never really heard of it before, but according to their window displays it seemed as if they would definitely have a prize-winning ugly holiday sweater. That they did! But they also had a great little selection of home goods. I think the idea behind Stein Mart is similar to that of Marshalls and Ross because I noticed they had a strange mixture of brand name items that were probably overstock, marked down and bought up by Stein Mart.

Long story short, we perused the home decor section of the store and I came across some pretty cool pillows. These reminded me of something you would see on Etsy, not in a gaudy old lady store (the clothing was really crazy). I don’t even remember how it happened, but I noticed these canvas-colored pillows that had stenciled numbers and letters on them. They caught my eye and they just happened to have a 6, a 0 and a 9 sitting right there. I was born and raised in South Jersey – area code 609. I didn’t know whether this would be totally lame or 100% awesome, but I didn’t care. There’s some kind of secret coolness associated with this area code. It’s like being in a members-only club. Maybe the story behind this makes it kind of goofy, but as soon as I saw these pillows I fell in love with the idea of incorporating them into our living space.
Pillows, home decorNow we have something a little more interesting going on in our living room. These pillows match our decor, our style and they add a personal touch. The quest for new and fun pillows will probably never end, but right now, I think we’ve found a winning combination.

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