One of two things…or both?

So I recently went to an allergist. I’ve had seasonal allergies all my life, accompanied by a post-nasal drip that just never goes away. I had been seeing my doctor, trying to figure out what I can do to calm my symptoms and they finally sent me to a specialist.

It was a very interesting experience, to say the least. I was initially really nervous because I had seen a seemingly painful allergy test on TV where they lay you on your stomach and stick you with a ton of needles all at once. The skin test I had was so easy and actually kind of enjoyable! I got to see exactly what I’m allergic to. Check it out…


Needless to say, I’m highly allergic to numbers 1 – 18, which included all the outdoor stuff; grass, flowers, trees, etc. Number 17 was Bermuda Grass and the reaction from that test spread all the way up my arm! Looks like my lifelong streak of no grass-cutting will continue!

Here’s the rest of the test…

AllergiesNumbers 19 – 35 included indoor stuff; mold, mildew, dust, etc. 26 and 27 are dust mites. Who isn’t allergic to dust, really?

My major takeaway from this is I need to find an allergy treatment that works for me and just stick to it. My secondary, house-related takeaway requires one of two things…either I stop doing yard work all together or we get hardwood floors! Or maybe…BOTH?!

Truthfully, I won’t stop doing yard work. I was just out Sunday night hacking up the earth trying to rid the ground of pesky dead(ish) ivy vines. It was a HUGE stress relief. Yard work is good like that. There’s a method to the madness and you are allowed to be actually mad about the work! It’s fabulous. I actually enjoy picking up sticks because it’s a really great workout! Have you ever done full on squats for an hour straight? Go pick up sticks in your yard and you’ll feel the burn!

To the hardwood floors comment; it’s definitely on the top of our “to-do” list. When Andrew ripped up a good chunk of our living room carpet to install our makeshift landing, we revealed some pretty decent looking hardwood. After speaking to some of the adults in our lives, we’ve come to the conclusion that having the floors re-done may actually be within reach – like this year or early next year reach!

Long story short, not much has changed having been officially diagnosed with tons of allergies to trees and such. The best part about it is that it will spark the motivation we need to prioritize projects. Maybe hardwood floors will be next!


Okay so let’s face it…we’re a little exhausted from doing tons of house projects. We’re not as active with the whole reno-crazy lifestyle we have been living. We’ve done all of the major overhauls (bathroom, kitchen floor and cabinets), so now we’re just onto little projects. Our next big thing will probably painting our kitchen tiles. I can hear it already; “painting tiles?!” Yes, painting tiles. There is definitely a way to do it and we are determined to turn our dirty off-white tiles into sleek, modern gray tiles. We hope to bring a lovely new color to one of our favorite spaces in the house, as well a fresh, cleaned-up look.

And that brings us to this wedding-related post (hence our lack of content for a house/home improvement-related post)! As we’ve already mentioned, we tied the knot on September 30th, 2011. We opted for a nice little sand ceremony as opposed to a candle lighting or what have you.Wedding sand ceremonySo the big question has been, “well what will you do with the sand afterward?” Simple…we turned it into a little wedding keepsake. Check it out…

Wedding DIY sand ceremonyWe have some shells we’ve gathered in our travels, shells from our honeymoon in Mexico and some sea glass from the beach right near our house. From the wedding, we have a rose from Andrew’s boutonniere and my Irish horseshoe and framed photo of my Mom that I carried on my bouquet the day of the wedding. Now we have a little keepsake that we keep in our china cabinet, along with our toasting flutes and a framed wedding photo. It’s more or less a shrine to the wedding, but the point is…look what we did with the sand!

Christmas Break

We just wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to since we haven’t posted in awhile. We have been busy busy during our little Christmas break, so here are a few pics to tide you over until we share a new post about our office very soon!

We’ve been taking some far out shots of Xmas lights…

LED Christmas tree lights

Christmas lights

And eating lots of candy!


Just hanging around…

Christmas decorations

And doing the Polar Bear Plunge in Margate, NJ!

Polar bear plunge Margate NJ 2012

Polar bear plunge 2012

Happy New Year, y’all.