Bathroom Epilogue : The Stairs

As of this weekend, the final phase of our bathroom remodel is now finished. You might be saying to yourself, “I saw the pictures, that bathroom is done,” but you’re wrong. As a consequence of removing the window to nowhere and putting a new wall up, we had to “finish” the stairwell down to the basement. Now, keep in mind that there are still a lot of things wrong with this stairwell/storage area, but that’s a project or two for another day. This is what it looked like before this weekend, but post-construction.

Stairway storage remodel

As much I despise this carpet over the stairs, and despite the fact that one time when we vacuumed the house smelled like pasta sauce, we DID need to keep it clean. We bought an extra long canvas to cover the stairs and railing. Everything else was getting painted, so that’s all the coverage that we needed.

Extra Long Canvas Cover for Stairs

Unfortunately, we never took a photo of the storage area under the stairs when we moved in, but there were sliding wood panels covering these shelves. Ugh. The now exposed shelves have proven to be vital in a household devoid of ample closet space. One thing these shelves desperately needed was a fresh coat of paint. And they got that.

Paint Rollers on Shelves

I was using a regular cloth roller with an extending handle on the walls and ceiling and a foam mini roller on the shelves. Then to fill in the gaps and to make sure I didn’t miss any spots in the corners I stuck the foam mini roller on an extender. Then about halfway through, the extending roller snapped in half. We needed more paint from Home Depot anyway, so we bought this crazy telescoping pole. Well worth the 18 bucks.

Extending Roller

After all the paint dried we put all of the supplies back on the shelves. We hung a new set of blinds and also put up a hook for our brooms. There’s a great deal of wasted space on these walls and a lack of light in here at night. We’ve got some room for improvement, so look for some updates on this somewhat awkward area of our house coming soon.

Repainted Stairwell

Repainted Shelves

Someone’s having the best week ever!

This guy:

Bathroom remodelDo you even recognize this space?! We don’t! Introducing, our brand new bathroom! It may still be the world’s smallest bathroom, but it’s brand spankin’ new and ready to start its new life! Our friends at Hammertime Remodeling gutted our old pink disaster bathroom, removed the old window that was in the shower, reinforced some beams, installed a new vent fan, new tub and wall surround, new pedestal sink and layed some lovely new tile. Now we’d like to present to you, a full before and after timeline of our bathroom’s life:

Day 1: Sayonara, Swans!

Sliding glass shower doorsThe 1950s pink bathroom shortly after we moved in and started trying not to hate it.

1950s pink bathroomYep, that’s a window…in the shower.

Bathroom windowThe linen closet before we gave it a piece of our mind.

Linen closetHere’s what we did to get by with this 1950s pink disaster area:

Shower doors and shower curtainLinen closet before and afterWe got rid of the shower doors and replaced them with a blinding white shower curtain in hopes of literally blinding all who dare enter. We also converted the run down, dirty linen closet into a highly function, semi-clean and freshly painted open storage space. Then, this happened:

Water damaged bathroom tileYes, the straw that broke the camel’s back, the icing on the cake, Custer’s last stand, every other idiom and reference that has to do with being pushed beyond our breaking point. There was so much water damage behind these tiles, I was able to literally just pluck the soap dish right off the wall.

So we called up our buddy Mike – the man, the myth, the legend who installed our new dishwasher – and he hooked us up with a sweet deal on a brand new bathroom!

He gutted the place.

Gutted bathroomInstalled a new vent fan (sure beats a window in the shower that won’t open)!

Bathroom ceiling vent fanThen he went to town, building us a new bathroom. Goodbye, window!

Closed up windowHello, new tub!

New tubWe love this new pedestal sink (and it was only $50)!

New pedestal sinkThe new tile is way better than those tiny little gray and pink squares.

New bathroom tileAnd a new Kohler toilet seat for the only fixture we kept from the original bathroom (besides the light fixture).

New Kohler toiler seatWe painted. Behr “Fresh Day” and a fresh day it was!

PaintingAnd finally, the fun part! Adding a new mirror and a practical shelf/towel bar. Bringing our beloved typeface shower curtain back into the picture and coordinating the colors we always wanted in our bathroom.

New bathroom mirror, shelf, towel barThe ultimate before and after.

Bathroom before and afterWe couldn’t be more proud! Baby’s all grown up. 🙂

Bathroom Rebuild

So you saw the first look at our bathroom remodeling project when we posted some pictures of the demolition on Monday. Now the walls are up, the window has been filled in, the tub is in place and the tile is on the floor. Here is the view from the stairwell. It’s looking down to the basement, but more importantly it is looking at what used to be a silicone sealed window to our bathroom!

Bathroom remodel window removal

I’ll be honest, we had problems with mildew and moisture in the bathroom. I have a feeling that the vent fan, the removal of the window and the installation of the g-board instead of tiled walls and ceilings will fix that problem. Not to mention this whole project is solving our collapsing tile problem.

new bathroom g-board

Our remodel man, Mike was also able to remove the lowered ceiling over the shower. I’m not really sure what the purpose of that was, but maybe it had something to do with the lovely shower doors we had when we moved in.

new bathroom tile 12 x 12

We’ve also upgraded from 8,000 little 1″ x 1″ pink tiles to maybe 50 12 x 12 tiles. I can’t wait to put my feet on something solid every time I get out of the shower instead of something that feels like a jigsaw puzzle.

Huge thanks to Mike from Hammertime Home Remodeling. If you’re in NJ and you need a new bathroom, he’s your guy. This afternoon, the sink and toilet went in. This weekend we will start painting! Keep an eye out for some updates on our progress within the next 48 hours.