Kitchen Cabinet Conundrum, Part 2

So, we’ve made some serious progress with the kitchen, but we’re not quite there yet.

One of the biggest unexpected challenges was cleaning and preparing the cabinets for painting. First we removed the lovely scalloped wood above the sink. This is just one small step in our process of brightening up the entire house.

scalloped woodbrighter windowAs we started doing our small scale demo and got serious about prepping the cabinets and all of the wood around them, we stumbled upon a disgusting discovery. Everywhere we wiped we wiped up a nice layer of brown crud. Was it remnant of some sort of wood finish that was applied in the 60’s or was it just an accumulation of years of cooking? I understand that this is just what happens in a kitchen, and that this dark wood was actually hiding the true mess, but c’mon! Look at that paper towel!

kitchen crudYuck. And that’s just one wipe. Well, at least our new white paint will keep us on top of our cleaning. After everything was given its proper cleaning, we sanded everything down with either 180 or 200 paper depending on the thickness of the crud and gloss. The 1-2-3 Primer worked out real well and was super easy to apply.

1-2-3 primed cabinetsThe cabinets were removed and moved out to the backyard for their priming. The Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer dries pretty quickly, so it was a bit of a challenge to keep the mosquitoes and other bugs from making a permanent final resting place in the primer.

primed cabinets backyardFast forward to a few hours later and we’re inside painting the primed cabinets. The Valspar paint we chose required 2 coats, and it was a lovely shade that they called “Du Jour”. We even used it to paint the window molding.

Valspar Du Jour cabinetspainted window mouldingFast forward again to 24 hours later and we’ve got Mike from Hammertime removing the old and moldy cabinets from under the counter top. Also, since this house never had a dishwasher before (how’d they do it?!) we needed an expert to install the plumbing and wiring.

dishwasher drawer installMike also installed our new drawer. Since he lives “in the neighborhood”, he even came by to fix an old piece of PVC after I got home from work the next day. Seriously, what a guy!

new dishwasher drawerLooks pretty awesome. It’s a real step in the right direction (this century!) and we’re seeing some great progress in the kitchen remodeling process. Now we’ve got to get the new hardware and the new cabinet windows installed on the cabinet doors. Welcome to the millennium, kitchen.