Color Me Crazy

Okay, so it’s been just about a year and a half since we moved into our house. We’ve painted every room (with the exception of the basement which is a work in progress for sure), we’ve painted ceilings, cabinets, shelves, doors, trim…you name it, we painted it. Our motto has been “down with brown” since SO much of the color in our house was brown before we started attacking it from every angle with paint. We look at the before and after photos and it’s hard for us to believe that all it took was a little paint…

Kitchen before and after:

Outdated kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets, kitchen remodel from Fresh Nest Blog

Doors and trim before, progress and after:

Painting doors and trim white

With that being said, however, we may have gone just a tad overboard with paint when it came to wall color. As we mentioned in a previous post about the office, we went so crazy with paint right off the bat that we had a sort of “rainbow in my house” kind of theme going on. Between the “Minted Lemon” living room and “Sunbeam” office, there wasn’t much cohesion. Thus, we switched out the yellow for a soft, almost white, blueish green called “Wave’s Crest.” And a before and after of this:

Yellow Office Sunbeam

Office Painted with Wave's Crest

Now we’re heading back to the drawing board to tackle the living room. I love Minted Lemon. It’s the color I swore I wanted, but now that we take a step back and look at the entire house, it doesn’t seem to make much sense. Based on our rug choice, I want to take the walls in the living room in a slightly different direction. We’ve been looking at a ton of different colors, but we keep coming back to lighter, more muted and natural looking greens and goldish-brownish colors. Here are a few of the top contenders at the moment:

Living room paint colors

What do you think? Weigh in! Comment below or head over to our Facebook page to tell us what color you think we should paint the living room. You can also follow us on Pinterest to keep up with what inspires us!

Lavender Problems

A few weeks ago a little girl and her mother came to our door selling girl scout cookies. We weren’t buying, but her sales pitch was memorable. The first thing the girl said was something like “I have to say, I LOVE your lavender door. Lavender is my FAVORITE color.”

Lavender isn’t my favorite color and it certainly isn’t Megan’s either. The door has been lavender since we first moved in. Can you believe we bought it that way? Fortunately for us, having a lavender door and shutters has its advantages. People can spot our house easily,  its memorable, and its great to mention for the pizza delivery boy when he can’t find our house.

Wide Home Exterior Day Winter

They say a new color of paint on your front door can really change the look of a house, and that’s what we’ve got in mind. I’ve always enjoyed the faux-cedar shake vinyl siding on the house, and the gray color is fine by me. The lavender door and shutters, not so much.

We’ve been at Lowes looking into the project and it seems like we’re priced out of replacing the shutters. 30 bucks a pop? That wouldn’t be very DIY of us! We’re thinking of refinishing them in a black color but the door is still up in the air.

Lavender Shutters

Lowes and Valspar have a series of paint colors created with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. What they’ve done is create “a palette of over 250 colors documented from historic places across the country and representing American colors from a variety of periods and styles.” Its a cool concept and some of the colors could be perfect for our front door. We’re thinking something in their blue family. Maybe Betsy Ross House Blue?

Low Angle Front of House

Stay tuned. We’re not jumping into this project just yet. In fact, I don’t know when we’ll get around to it, but hopefully as the weather gets warmer we’ll be a little more eager to get outside and paint.



It’s no mystery that changing to a new color of paint is one of the easiest ways to change up the vibe of a room. It’s also is a great way to bring something cohesive to your entire home’s color palette.

When we started painting after we moved in we made some pretty bold decisions, and learned some pretty serious lessons about color choices. We chose two bold colors for the living room and office. We’ve kept Behr’s Minted Lemon in the living room, but our choice of Olympic One’s “Sunbeam” has always worried us. Here’s the office as it appeared a few weeks ago.

Yellow Office Sunbeam

In the photo it doesn’t look that bad I suppose, but walking into that room everyday was a bit of a jarring experience. I’m not one to be afraid of color or bold decisions, but I just don’t think we have that kind of house. Maybe with a little more natural light it could have worked.

Wave's Crest versus Sunbeam

The new color we chose was “Wave’s Crest” by Valspar. As soon as we started painting we were worried we’d gone too light or too white. Once we had finished the room, let it dry and looked at it the next morning I think we realized we’d made the right decision. Then we cleaned up the trim with a new coat of white paint and we were done.

Office Painted with Wave's Crest

Overall I think it really brightens up the room and if nothing else it looks a lot better with the finish on our floors. The yellow may have been more tolerable when we had carpet, but with the refinished hardwood it really clashed.

Let us know if you think we’ve made the right color decision. Stay tuned to find out what we paint next, the kitchen? the basement? or a repaint of the living room?