I’ll be honest, we haven’t been updating the blog as much as we were a few weeks ago, but that isn’t without a good reason. We’ve been pretty busy doing holiday stuff, shopping, attending Christmas parties, etc. Also, there’s something about the below freezing temperature that doesn’t exactly make me want to set up shop and start building and painting something in the backyard. You saw us hanging our Christmas lights a few weeks ago, so here’s the house all lit up at night. Those are LED icicles, and I think they look mighty fine. Also, we just might be the brightest house on the street, not because we have a lot of lights, but because those LEDs are SUPER BRIGHT.

House decorated with lights

Last weekend we went into New York to check out the city decorated for Christmas. This weekend we went to see friends in Philadelphia, one of the many perks of living in New Jersey, sandwiched between two major metropolitan areas. Here’s some shots from last weekend.

30 Rock Christmas Tree

That’s a shot of the chaos at Rockefeller Center. Oh yeah, and the big Christmas tree.

Zucotti Park Decorated for Christmas

This is Zucotti Park, site of the Occupy Wall Street protests, a little bit more peaceful and decorated for Christmas.

Bryant Park Christmas

Bryant Park at night. This park is home to one of the cleanest and nicest public bathrooms I’ve ever experienced. Who knew?!

Christmas in Times Square

Stay tuned this week for a dramatic new post featuring some (finally) completed kitchen cabinets.

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