This weekend. We decided to get a little crafty. Well, rather, I decided to get a little crafty and drag Andrew along with me. As many of you already know, I’m addicted to Pinterest. I have found tons of great inspiration for our house by pinning, and I have also found a lot of great DIY tutorials. I decided to take on two projects this weekend; one for me and one for us. The first was a DIY bracelet project. I got some string, leather cording and chain and made these awesome bracelets.

Crafty DIY Bracelets

The second, arguably more exciting, project was making these DIY painted vases. We picked up a few of these little vases from Michael’s and grabbed a few bottles of Martha Stewart’s acrylic paint. Yes there were even cheaper paints, but even Andrew had to admit that Martha’s colors were pretty good!

Martha Stewart Acrylic Paints

This project was super simple and fun. We just poured a bunch of paint into the bottom of each vase, then turned them upside down to let the paint drip down the sides of the glass.

Drying Acrylic Paint Bottles

We left the vases flipped over for awhile as the excess paint dripped down. Once the vases were completely covered with paint, we flipped them back over to air dry. The paint was quite gloppy so we’re actually still in the process of drying them, but this was a fun little weekend project. Once they’re all dry, they’ll go on display somewhere in the house. We’re thinking of hanging some cool floating shelves in the dining room so we can display a few things and the colored vases may be a great fit!

Finished Dried Paint VasesAcryilic Painted Vases

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  1. The vases are beautiful. They will look wonderful on a shelf in your diningroom. I like the bracelets, too. That could become a “cottage business”. You two are amazing!! Love ya!

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