DIY and Home Improvement HoliDECOR Tips

We’ve been really into puns lately always, as you could tell in our previous post about our asBESTos week ever. Now we want to share some great holiDECOR tips with you! Are you tired of decorating in the same old way, year after year? Maybe you’d like to try and switch it up a bit! Here’s our quick hit list of some holiday decor tips and tricks:

  1. Deck the Halls (literally): You always line your windows and doors with lovely Christmas lights, but did you ever think of hanging your lights somewhere else? How about in a zig zag pattern running along the ceiling in your hallway? That’s what we did! We’ve used this technique before during the Halloween season, so we figured we’d give it a try for the holidays. We just took 1 strand of lights and ran it back and forth in a zig zag pattern, fastening each point with a thumb tack (not through the wires, now!) to secure the lights.
    Hallway Christmas Lights
  2. Heavy Metal Christmas? (this reference is weird, Google it): I’m an ornament hanging pro psycho. Here’s a tip…always hang your heaviest ornaments at the bottom of your tree and the lighter ornaments up toward the top. It seems really simple, but if you fail to hang ornaments in this way, you could have a real tree catastrophe on your hands. Distribute the weight evenly and you’ll be sure to have a very merry Christmas tree!
  3. Jingle All the Way…to the Bank!: Want to save some money this holiday season? Then LED Christmas lights and outdoor light timers are an absolute MUST! Andrew is in charge of all the lighting in and around our house, so you better believe the placement and color temperatures of our lights are going to be balanced just right. Andrew uses a light timer that camouflages itself quite nicely. We just stake the sucker in the ground, plug and go. As for the lights themselves, most of them are from our beloved Target and they are all LED. The upfront cost may be slightly higher, but LED is the wave of the future and prices had actually been coming down in recent years. With the amount of money you will save on your electric bill, you won’t even remember how much you paid for the lights! Now that’s something to ‘ho ho ho’ about!
    xmashouse2012_close2 xmashouse2012_closexmashouse2012

Can you think of any other great holiday decorating tips? Share them below or head over to our Facebook page and share your tips!

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