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We’ve got some big news brewing and we’re getting pretty excited. It’s *almost* official, but I’ll say it anyway…we’re having our floors refinished! Start date of July 14th! We have to admit, this is another project we will be turning over to the professionals. Part of being a good do-it-yourselfer is knowing when to not DIY! There are a few major reasons why we’re not taking on this project ourselves:

1. Time: we have absolutely no time. We’re I’m already so stressed about just moving all the furniture and dealing with the “what ifs.” (What if there’s no hardwood underneath the crappy glued “tile” floor that’s currently under the carpet in the dining room/once-kitchen)?! We also have to literally move out of the house for the duration of the project and yes, it’s only 3 – 4 days total, but we have to pack up EVERYTHING! It’s like we’re moving again. It’s not so bad because we don’t have too many things, but it’s going to be interesting to see if we can fit two couches and a queen size bed in the kitchen!

2. Lack of experience: So there’s the time constraint which goes hand in hand with the lack of experience. Not knowing what you’re doing is definitely a handicap in a project like this. We would probably have to take at least a week off of work just to move all the furniture, rip up the carpets, rent a sander, figure out how to work it, sand, hit a million bumps in the road, make a huge mess and possibly fail miserably.

3. Sticky situations: There’s a literal sticky situation in the dining room. As I mentioned above and previously here on the blog, the dining room used to be a kitchen. We just recently discovered that part of the dining room has a nice, gross layer of vinyl tile stuck on by old tar-like glue. As each flooring expert came through for an estimate, we learned a little bit more about the condition of the floors underneath. One of the guys told us the crew would have to replace the flooring in this spot and another guy (the one we’re going with) said he will be able to sand it down. It may be slightly more difficult, but it is possible; a big no-no for us DIY dorks. We wouldn’t want to bite off more than we could chew.

4. Money: Yes, it can be a lot cheaper to DIY, but when all is said and done, we could end up spending even more than we’ll be spending on the professionals. We also have to consider our “sweat equity.” Let’s face it; it’s gonna’ feel purty good when it’s all taken care of for us! And we got a great price from the team we’re going with. Everyone we’ve talked to so far has been really easy to work with and super understanding. They’re also willing to help us move some of our bigger furniture for FREE!

So there you have it…4 solid reasons not to do it ourselves. I’d love to spend a week or two tackling this project, but we just don’t have the time and we could run into some pretty rough situations and end up making novice mistakes.

While I’m on the subject, let us share with you some photos from a previous post about ripping up some carpet to install a landing:

Refinishing hardwood floorsRefinishing hardwood floors

That’s what we have to look forward to. In the end, it will definitely be worth it!

Take a good last look…

Ripping up carpets to refinish hardwood floorsRipping up carpets to refinish hardwood floorsRipping up carpets to refinish hardwood floors

SEE YA NEVER carpets!

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  1. You have certainly made the right decision. Some jobs (most in my estimation) need a professional. I give you lots of credit for all the jobs you have done.

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