DIY Valentine’s Decor

I’m not one for Valentine’s Day and neither is Andrew. We usually just get each other some candy and socks, maybe fun Pez dispenser. I am, however, into DIY and some Valentine’s decor can be fun. Since we just go these fun chalkboard markers for our DIY menu board, I feel compelled to write on every glass surface. We’re spending our Sunday cooking (delicious slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches) and pulling out some pictures and other decor we just haven’t gotten around to hanging. I found this lovely little print by Andrew’s bro that we framed about a year ago; it instantly became my next victim.

DIY Valentine's Day decor

Just whipped up this little Valentine’s Day decoration thanks to these handy chalk markers. Don’t mind the red water in our flower vase. I wanted to see if we could get the flowers to change color and I figured red would be appropriate for such a “holiday.”

Just a quickie post to share this DIY “holi-decor” (like what I did there?) idea! I’ll be sure to pin this too. Follow me on Pinterest!

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