Dressing our Fresh Office

Remember a few weeks ago when we painted our office? Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time for us to start dressing it up, you know, making it feel like a cool place to work/blog/hang out. So far – mission accomplished.

What do you get when you take two film and TV production nerds and task them with home improvement and DIY projects? Flawless lighting design; perfectly balanced color temperatures, customized for each individual room. Oh yea, and a whole lot of light bulbs. So you better believe we were going to alter the lighting mood in the office. There’s a dated ceiling fan/light combo in this room that we’d probably like to replace someday, and although it puts out A LOT of light, it’s not always setting the best mood for the office.

Old ceiling fan

Thus, we went on a search for some lamps that would add practical, subtle light. We went to Target (naturally) and after some thinking, we chose these desk lamps to bookend either side of the desk.

Office lighting with desk lamps

These lamps are awesome because they are adjustable, allowing you to direct the light down or out, depending on what you’re working on.

Unique desk lamp

These were right up our alley.

We also worked our beloved pig art back into our lives…

Kohler's Pig

Ah yes, “Kohler’s Pig.” The most popular question about this one: “is that a pig diving into a pond?” Most popular response from us: “Yep, sure is!” It’s SO SILLY yet so sophisticated somehow. Ya dig?

I guess we don’t really have any further plans for this room, other than hanging some more pics. I got a Groupon deal on decals from Dali Decals last month, so maybe we will get some sweet decals for the walls. We’d like to put a futon in here at some point so we don’t have to keep subjecting guests to the floor and/or air mattresses. Andrew keeps one of his guitars in the office, so we brought the keyboard up from the basement so it’s more accessible (ie: I will play it more if it’s upstairs). We need to try out my new Christmas presents!

She & Him song books

So while we’re on the subject…enjoy a little She & Him. It just might brighten your day.

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