As many readers and Facebook fans already know, we’re mid-way through our floor project. Let’s do a quick re-cap for those who may just be joining us:

When we bought our house we were told there was hardwood under the carpet, but since we couldn’t really believe anything the selling agent told us, we just started tackling other projects like our bathroom redux and painting kitchen cabinets, among other things. When we decided to install a somewhat temporary landing for our front door, we discovered that the hardwood floor underneath was actually in pretty good shape. After several projects, some new appliances and lots of DIY weekends, we slowed down a bit and wondered whether or not having the floors refinished would be feasible. As it turns out, this project was feasible and here we are today; mid-way through the process and ready to move back into our house on Wednesday at noon.

Although we love to consider ourselves DIY “pros” we had to turn this project over to the real professionals, as I explained in a previous blog post. There are just some projects that are better left to the experts and this is one of them. After many quotes from professionals in our area, we went with Sandro’s Flooring, located in Belmar, NJ. I’ve got to say, these guys can really work some magic! Our dining room used to be a kitchen, so underneath the carpet in that room there were some yucky old vinyl tiles, stuck to the hardwood floor with some gross tar-like, black glue. Unfortunately, we don’t have a picture of this (no time to snap one!), but good riddance nonetheless! This took Sandro and his team a little extra effort to sand down, so we are now a day behind, but we couldn’t be happier with the results. Take a look…

Sanding wood floors, refinishing wood floorsSanding wood floors, refinishing wood floorsSanding wood floors, refinishing wood floors

Due to some irregularities in the wood and some not-so-great DIY patch jobs of olde, the guys are going to have to stain the wood.

Sanding wood floors, refinishing wood floorsSanding wood floors, refinishing wood floorsSanding wood floors, refinishing wood floors

We were going to go with a natural, clear coat because A. it’s more cost effective, B. it’s faster and C. we like the natural look. However, there are just too many imperfections and the floors, overall, will look much better with a dark stain. Thus, we’re going with a dark walnut color and we’re pretty excited about this! So far we’re really impressed and the rooms already look better sans carpet. We can’t wait to see the finished product; we’re hoping to make jaws drop with this one because it really changes the overall feeling and look of the entire house. This is the last piece of the puzzle. Now everything will be complete fresh and new. From the new bathroom to fresh paint on every ceiling and wall, the floors are the final touch!

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