It’s my potty and I’ll cry if I want to.

Okay, so you already know we hate strongly dislike our bathroom, but it’s about time it made its debut on the blog.1950s pink bathroom1950s pink bathroomMe hating the 1950s pink bathroomHere’s the report card I would have given this bathroom for the first marking period:

Functionality: D –

Practicality: F –

Cleanliness: F –

Decor: F –

Attitude: B – A – D

And here’s the progress report:

Functionality: C

Practicality: C

Cleanliness: A +

Decor: C –

Attitude: Charming?

We haven’t done much, but there’s nothing a giant bucket of bleach and other heavy duty cleaning products can’t fix! The tub stains are still out of control – it looks dirty, but if there is any dirt left, I can guarantee you it’s practically edible at this point. Cleanliness is now off the charts in this pink potty.

What we did:

  1. Removed old, glass shower doors and added a blinding white shower curtain (in hopes of literallyblinding all guests who set their eyes on the place).Shower before and after
  2. Added our neutral-colored bath rug (the idea here is to cover up as much of the pink as possible, if you haven’t already noticed).Bath rug
  3. Added a drain stop to the sink (duh)!Bathroom sink drain stop
  4. Bought an XL bath mat to cover up the awful stains that just won’t go away.XL bath tub mat
    1. Got a tension rod to place within the tub where we can hang the bath mat when it’s not in use.Bath tub mat
  5. Removed all of the dirty old shelving from the linen closet, painted the inside just to freshen it up, and added Closet Maid shelving so we could finally have a place to put our hamper, towels, hair products, extra soap, TP, cleaning products, etc.Linen closet before and afterIn the future, we would love to just gut the thing and bring the whole bathroom into this century, but for now, we’re just making the best of our pretty-in-pink potty. 🙂

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