It’s the Little Things, part deux

I blogged a few weeks ago about a bunch of little improvements we’ve been making around the house. Well these little improvements never seem to stop and it’s a good thing too; they are the bread of life for us.

Let’s face it; buying an old house is not exactly a walk in the park. And fixing it up is no picnic, but if we can do anything to keep ourselves sane, it’s adding little details here and there that help us live comfortably.

Last week, I noticed that our new salt and pepper shakers (wedding gift, gotta love it), being that they are actually both salt/pepper mills, would ultimately end up leaving behind salt and pepper droppings all over our table. So I decided they needed a caddy or something.

Salt and pepper mill caddyObviously they don’t make caddies for salt and pepper grinders (why would they do something smart like that?), so I DIY’d it and bought this simple, small bamboo drawer organizer for the salt and pepper to live in: mess-free and happy. 🙂

Of course, while we were shopping around for various things, I noticed this step stool and just had to have it.

Closet step stoolI need it not only because  it’s green, but because I’ve been saying that I need one for several weeks now. Right now, the top of my closet just consists of several piles of clothes. Piles of clothes that I can’t really reach. Without the step stool, I have to jump up to try and grab what I’m looking for and hope I don’t die in a clothing avalanche (does this happen to anyone else)? Now I can use my handy step stool to reach the top shelf and keep things folded and organized. I no longer have to throw my clothes to get them up on the shelf!

Big improvements are great, but again, sometimes it’s the little things that really make the biggest difference! These little additions and changes are simple, but if you can do something to feel like you’ve accomplished something, that’s a big deal.

4 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things, part deux”

  1. Clothes avalanches happen occasionally around the Little House, but its more often the pantry and freezer avalanches that get me.

    The little things don’t seem like much when you’re doing them, but when you stand back and look… dang that feels good!

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