Picture Perfect

We’ve seen a photo wall or two in our time and we’ve always admired them, but up until now, we have always rented and have been afraid to get too comfy and put too many holes in the wall. Naturally, we wanted to do a photo wall in the new house. The obvious choice for ours was above the couch in the living room. Now that we got the layout right, we’re ready to start adding our personal touches and the photo wall was one of the first priorities.

Here’s where we were a few weeks ago. We picked this piece up at Home Goods and centered it right on the wall to get things started.

Starting the photo wallYesterday while we were at Target (for the 2nd out of 3 trips in one day) we noticed that some simple white frames were pretty heavily discounted. We already had 4 white frames that we used for our wedding (the guys wore TOMS Shoes and we placed some of these frames around at the reception – see below), so we picked up a few more in varying sizes.

After A LOT of leaf blowing, mulching and raking, and a failed attempt at revisiting/finishing our kitchen cabinet project, I took a crack at the photo wall. I started by laying the frames out on the floor to get a rough idea for placement on the wall. Without much hesitation, I just started nailing and hanging. With a photo wall like this, it’s okay to just sort of let everything fall into place; I didn’t want to over think it and that seemed to work well. It all just started coming together.

Photo wallWe used Velcro Command Strips to hang the L-O-V-E letters (also from our wedding) since there was no easy/obvious way to use nails or picture hooks to do so.

Velcro command strips for photo wallSince there were a few obvious holes left in the frame layout (which we expected), we ran back out to Target for a 3rd time to grab 2 more frames to fill in the gaps. We knew exactly what we needed…

Photo wallAnother vertical 8 x 10 frame, a little vertical 4 x 6 and some more Command Strips for the “E” would do the trick…

Finished photo wallThe obvious next step in this project: getting our own photos in the frames! At least that’s the fun part. We’ll probably be using a mix of photos of us, things we like, places we’ve been and maybe a couple of unique ideas. Stay tuned to see what we end up with!

A few of our favorite things from this post:

TOMS Shoes


Home Goods

4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect”

  1. That looks great! I’ve got a whole pile of frames I want to hang in our hall to make a picture wall (before everyone comes for Thanksgiving), I’m just afraid of drilling a ton of holes in the plaster and then having to patch if they’re not right.

    Can’t wait to see it with your photos in the frames!

  2. Thanks! My advice would be to have no fear! Lay the frames out on the floor beforehand and map out a plan. Then just go for it! That’s what worked for us!

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