Project Brain Drain

We have so many projects going on! The wedding kind of slowed us down, but now that we’re back, I’m SO ready to tackle every project. There’s something going on in every room – probably a rookie mistake, but we’re just so eager to work on so many things! The way we see it, there is a project for everything. This weekend, we plan on starting our basement makeover. Here’s a look at the dungeon today:

Our basementWe’re going to be swapping out all of the old, brown drop ceiling “tiles” for new, modern, clean drop ceiling tiles. We’ve also got new light panels to completely clean up the look of this dingy dungeon.

Drop ceiling materials for our basement makeoverLike most projects in this house, we’re expecting this to be difficult. The tiles that are there now are very difficult to work with. We needed to take some down to have some different electrical wires run and we had a really hard time putting them back up (hence leaving some of them open for the time being).

Basement ceilingThe gross weird funny thing about this basement…the previous owner used to cook in it. Yep. That’s right. Cooking in the basement. Hence the brown layer of grease that has graced the old drop “tiles.”

We can’t wait to get this project finished, but because many of the tiles will need to be cut to fit into the smaller spaces, this project will undoubtedly become difficult. Our plan right now is to swap out as many as we can and then tackle the difficult tiles later. We just want to get the ball rolling on this project so we can feel better about the space in general. Right now, it just kind of creeps us out!

Stay tuned for the “after” photos from this project and be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest “breaking news” from our nest!

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