So Long, Gazebo

The weather is warm, the days are long, people are outside, and we just got rid of our gazebo.

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When we bought the house 2 years ago, there was a free gazebo in the backyard, complete with a canopy. All we needed to provide was a net. Here’s a photo of it all set up.

Backyard Gazebo with Canopy

Great, right? Well, don’t forget about the mosquitoes. Our house is about 300 ft from a tidal creek. The summers can be pretty brutal and the net does nothing to stop them. Combine that with the fact that the gazebo is in the yard and not on a deck. And what that means is we’re definitely not eating outside.

We sold the gazebo on Craigslist and made our money back on what we spent on the nets, plus a little extra. Craigslist can be weird and we got way more inquiries than we thought we would, but this was an easy $75.

No More Gazebo

Growing Grass

So now we’re without a gazebo, $75 dollars richer and hoping the grass will grow back. Here’s to summer! We’ve got some big stuff planned, so stay tuned!

One thought on “So Long, Gazebo”

  1. I love the way you make lemonade out of lemons. Good riddance. Too hot to eat outside, or even sit outside. Come to OC. It’s hot, but there are some seabreezes.

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