Stop looking at us, swans!

Let me first apologize for the extreme lack of bathroom pictures here on our blog. Our 1950s pink bathroom is pretty small and it’s not exactly the object of our affection at the moment. However, as I tackled the dirt and grime of the nasty tub this past weekend, I couldn’t help but start on a little “demo.” We had these awful sliding shower doors that came with the place, complete with creepy-looking swans etched into the glass. Needless to say, I was tired of staring at the swan and I think he was beginning to feel the same. I knew we wanted to get rid of these shower doors eventually, and they were really getting in my way while trying to clean, so Andrew and I dropped everything to pop these suckers off of the tub.

Old shower doorsOld shower doors

So we said see-ya-later to the swans! Yes, the metal tracks for the sliding doors still remain, but it’s nothing a tension rod and new, white shower curtain can’t mask temporarily. We’re hoping a blinding white shower curtain might help create a distraction from the Pepto-pink overload. I will add a picture of the new shower curtain here once we get it in place!

We want to completely re-do the bathroom ASAP, but who knows when it will actually happen. Until then, enjoy this ever-popular and wonderfully hilarious clip from one of Hollywood’s most-beloved classics, Billy Madison


We’re right there with ya, Bill!

5 thoughts on “Stop looking at us, swans!”

  1. Please could you take a picture of both glasses as I had this exact glass in my bathroom when I was little an want to reproduce this exact design again.. my email is robinrosebrou at gmail dot com . I am so happy i found this ! You have made my day !
    thanks robin

  2. Hi Robin,

    We’ll try to locate the original photos from this day and send them your way! Glad we could make your day!!

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