Everybody’s YARDworking for the Weekend

The weather is warm and we’re full of energy! Here’s a quick rundown of what we got done around the yard yesterday.

We busted up some remnants of an old fence…

Old Fence Woodpile

We dug out this drain that was covered in grass and dirt, then replaced with river rocks…

River Rock Drain

We tore up a dead bush…

Empty Corner

…and replaced it with some rhododendron…


…and lava rocks and a hook for a hanging plant…in the future.

New Corner Garden

We planted some flowers (pansies and snapdragons) in another of our garden spaces…


We mulched the crap out of everything…

corner tree

We’ve had a fence door that has been giving us trouble since we moved in. It turns out ants were destroying the support piece of wood holding all of the slats together. We quickly destroyed them (not pictured) and replaced the wood. (also not pictured)

fence door on ground

That one bottom slat was broken pretty good and was only being held on by the ants’ rotten wood. First though, we replaced all of the nails and capped them with a little wood glue.

New Nails

This didn’t look great, so once the glue was dried we headed out to find a paint that would match for touch ups. With a little help from our friend in the paint department at Lowes we were able to color match pretty close. In this photo it hasn’t dried yet, but you get the idea.

Repaired Fence with Touch Up

Repaired Fence with Wood Putty

Even with the new wood in place this hinge was pretty busted up.

Busted Fence Hinge

After a little reshaping of the hinge and the addition of some new locking washers, its as good as new.

Fixed Hinge

In our humble opinions, the door now works better than ever before. No more getting stuck trying to get into or out of the backyard…

Fixed Fence

And now we’ll leave you with these random flowers that have sprouted up in the yard…

Yard Flowers

Bush Flowers

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Creepy Mr. Rogers references aside, we’re truly wondering who will be our neighbor. As most of our dedicated readers know, a house was recently built on the lot behind us. Let’s back track a bit with a little history lesson. The previous owners of our house had two pieces of land which were previously sub-divided. However, they clearly used both properties as one considering their house was on one property and their shed was on the other property.

Old Shed New HouseOur house was an estate sale and when we purchased back in August of 2011, the estate holders sold our house and, separately, sold the property behind us. Long story short, a local developer bought that property and slowly but surely has been building a house on it.

For awhile, it seemed like nothing was going on with the process, but lately things have really been moving along. As we mentioned in a previous post, one day we came home and the shed had been completely torn down!

Shed DemolishedThe latest development is all the hay they’ve spread around.

Beautiful backyard

Might I add…our grass is looking might fine! 🙂

Hay in the yard Hay in the yard

I don’t know much about planting grass, but I’m guessing this is something that needs to be done before laying sod. Again, not an expert in this area. However, what we’re really wishing waiting expecting is a fence! This has been a point of contention for us since we bought the house; “Who will buy the fence?” “Should we wait until they buy one?” “Will they buy one?” “If we split the cost with the eventual new owners, who actually owns the fence?” These are the questions we are constantly asking ourselves. But not now, we’re just waiting to come home one day to a brand new fence! The good news is, according to online real estate resources, the sale of the home is now pending! So we may have a neighbor sooner than we think.

Sad, but true, that this is the most exciting thing we have going on at the house right now. There are a bunch of open-ended projects going on right now such as:

  1. Re-doing the threshold between the kitchen and dining room.
  2. Finish installing the new drop ceiling tiles in the basement (this project is embarrassingly behind)
  3. Re-paint the living room a more muted, earthy green color
  4. Hire an electrician to figure out what’s going on with our ceiling fans (the wiring is older and we don’t want to mess with that)!

We promise we’ll get back down to business soon and then we will have tons to blog about! Stick with us, but in the meantime, follow us on Instagram (Follow Megan and Andrew) and Pinterest, and be sure to give our Official Facebook page a “like!”

Shed, We Hardly Knew Ye

As long time readers of this blog will remember, there is a lot behind our house, and on that lot has always been a little shed. That shed looked a lot like a little house. Just without the electricity, proper insulation and windows.

The previous owners of our house owned both lots and that was their shed. Before we bought the house, that lot was divided and sold. The land was cleared, a new house was built and yet a year after all of that, the shed was still standing.

Old Shed New House

Now that shed is gone. We had some good times. We stored some junk in there during Hurricane Irene, but for the most part we kept our distance. You never know, there could’ve been an army of feral cats living in there.

Shed Demolished