As our loyal readers know, our house could easily be compared to an antique collectible. It was built from scratch by the original owner, so many things throughout the house don’t make much sense (for lack of a better phrase). When we had our bathroom re-done last year, our contractor couldn’t believe some of the “surprises” he uncovered, like an entire electrical box for a light switch just hanging by a bit of spray foam – that was a good one. Or how about the window in our shower from one of the additions?

Bathroom window

I think that’s my all-time favorite. Either way, you have to believe we are constantly finding surprises around every corner.

Which brings me to the point of this whole post; plumbing. The plumbing in our house seems to work just fine, but according to professional plumbers, it is less than desirable. We have a pipe in our basement that has started this teeny tiny pinhole leak. It’s not even a leak yet, more like a tiny drip. So…we called People’s Plumbing, which lucky for us, is right in our neighborhood! The guy who came out to take a look was kind enough to take a short tour of the whole plumbing situation we have going on in our basement. Not only are we going to have this leaky pipe replaced, we’re going to have a nearby, less-than-perfect pipe configuration re-done AND we’re going to finally get our antique toilet removed!(Have we ever showed you this guy before)?

Basement toiletBasement toilet

We got a quote from someone last year to see how much it would cost to remove that unsightly toilet and they said it would be around $1,000. People’s Plumbing is going to get rid of it for $125!

So we’re going to plumb while the plumbing’s good; update a leaky pipe, fix a goofy pipe configuration and send our antique toilet to it’s final resting place. I’m sure there’s a history museum out there somewhere that would love to have it 😉

After the toilet’s out, we’ll probably really clean up that room and paint it. We only really use the basement for doing laundry at this point, but getting rid of that toilet will make a big difference! Keep checking back and be sure to ‘like’ our Facebook page for a follow-up on this plumbing project!

3 Month Check-up: Part 2

As promised, oh 6 days ago (we’ve been slacking), we have the 2nd installment of our 3 month check-up. Last week, we focused on the living room and the bedroom. These were the first two rooms we attacked immediately after our closing. We showed up to our closing with a carload of stuff. Embarrassing? No, not at all. 😉

This week, we’re bringing you a progress report on the dining room, kitchen and basement to round out our check-up. We’ll skip the bathroom because you pretty much know how that went down since it’s all we could talk about for the entire month of November (and parts of September/October). We’re skipping the office too because it’s not much of an office yet and not much has been done to this dump-everything-here-for-now room.

The Dining Room

We never had big plans for the dining room. In fact, we weren’t even going to paint it. We purchased our lovely china cabinet from IKEA and once we got it home, we did some impulse painting. Now we’ve decorated and re-arranged a few things to make this space a little more pleasing.

Here’s the dining room as pictured in the listing photo:

Dining room listing photoHere’s what we did:

  • Bought some IKEA shelving units that we fashioned into a “china cabinet.”
  • Painted the walls: Olympic One in Gray Beige
  • Added some lovely circle mirrors from Target
  • Bought an awesome piece of Bulldog art, also from Target

And here’s what the dining room looks like today (decorated for Christmas, of course)!

Dining room remodelDining room remodelThe Kitchen

Oh the kitchen…it went from being one of our least favorite rooms to being quite possibly one of our favorites. All thanks to a little paint, new flooring and some sweat equity.

Here’s the kitchen as pictured in the listing photos:

Kitchen listing photoHere’s what we did to it:

  • Had a dishwasher installed
  • Bought a new refrigerator because the old one gave us the creeps
  • Primed and painted the cabinets: 1-2-3 Prime + Valspar Interior paint in Du Jour
  • Purchased new cabinet hardware and re-affixed all of the base cabinet doors and drawers (we’re still working on the top half)
  • Installed a pantry closet with a little help from our friends at IKEA
  • Built a ridiculous (and ridiculously awesome) coffee station, courtesy of some IKEA furniture and an overabundance of Keurig gadgets and K-cups
  • Installed new flooring: Pergo Laminate in American Beech
  • Purchased and assembled a center kitchen island, complete with breakfast bar

Whew! Here’s what that looks like today:

Kitchen re-design, kitchen remodelKitchen re-design, kitchen remodelKitchen re-design, kitchen remodelThe Basement

The basement is a big work in progress, but so far, we’ve at least jump-started it into the future.

Here’s the basement as pictured in the listing photo:

Basement listing photoThis one’s deceiving because the before picture may almost look better than the after, but it’s the little details, people!

Here’s what we did to the dungeon:

  • Had the giant freezer hauled away (hiding in a nook next to the washer). Received a $50 energy credit from the State for it!
  • Had the oven hauled away by our friends at Hammertime Remodeling who offered to take it off our hands
  • Purchased new drop ceiling tiles. Sliced them up and started hanging them (this is still very much in progress)
  • Painted the basement stairwell after the old bathroom window overlooking the stairs was removed: Behr Paint and Primer in One in Fresh Day
  • Removed some ugly, sliding, faux wood doors from the storage shelving in the stairwell and painted them as well
  • Re-organized the storage shelves + added various hooks to store reusable grocery bags, recycled plastic bags, extension cords, etc.

    Basement remodel, home improvement

Basement stairwell, storage space

That just about wraps up our 3 month check-up. I think we’ve done a pretty good job, but we’ll let you be the judge. Let us know what you think. We’re also looking for suggestions for finishing our kitchen cabinets. We are having a helluva time cutting some Lexan (polycarbonate sheeting) for the cabinet doors and we’ve just about run out of ideas – help!