You may recall how we got ourselves in this sticky bathroom situation (literally, lots of things in our house were sticky before we cleaned them). And as I’m sure you all know, we’re having our bathroom remodeled now. It’s all we’ve been thinking/talking about! Mike from Hammertime Home Remodeling (our new best friend) started on the demo today and it’s already complete! We are happy to announce that the pink tile is gone and the project is pretty much halfway done! After all, it is the world’s smallest bathroom – shouldn’t take too long.

Bathroom plumbingThat’s where the toilet and sink used to be. Now it’s just a hole in the floor and a bucket. Also, note the “orb” in the top right side of the picture. Oooooooo! Nothin’ spookier than a dirty lens or a floating spec of dust!

Bathroom demolitionAs you can see here, we’ve been dealing with a bathroom window, not to the outside, but to another part of the house. Specifically; a window to the basement stairs. How that makes any sense, I’ll never understand. Well, to be honest I do understand. The window was once a window to the outdoors, but when the previous owners finished the basement they also built a small addition. Instead of putting in a fan, they just left the window.Bathroom ceiling installMike installed this new vent fan we picked up at Lowe’s. It’s going up from the bathroom and thru the roof. What a concept! Maybe, just maybe we won’t have to take showers with the door open anymore.

Bathroom floor tile removedAnd there’s the floor. Tile-free. I’ve been really worried about what we’d find behind these walls and under this floor, but as it turns out, there was nothing to be afraid of at all. Day 1 is complete and the crew is already well ahead of where I thought they’d be with this project. Now all we have to do is pick our paint color (and a ton of other stuff, but who’s keeping score)?