Curtain Call

When we moved into our house just under 2 years ago, the living room was one of the first rooms to be painted. From there, we quickly purchased and hung new faux wood blinds, as well as some white curtains. I’ve never been thrilled with shorter curtains, but because we have baseboard heaters, I always felt like we shouldn’t have long, floor-length curtains. Boy was I wrong.Here’s a quick preview of the before and after:

Before and after, modified 84 inch curtains

There are so many options for hanging curtains, you should never have to limit yourself. I have seen other people hang floor-length curtains in homes with baseboard heaters, so it shouldn’t be an issue. However, I decided to come up with an easy solution that would allow me to have the 84 inch curtains I really wanted. Thus, I give you…

How to Modify 84 inch Curtains with NO Sewing and Just 4 Simple Steps

You will need:

  • 84 inch (or any length, really) pocket rod curtains
  • 1 pack curtain clip rings per curtain (in my case, it was 4 curtains, 4 sets of clip rings, 7 in a pack)
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Tape measure

1. Iron curtains – This is the first time in the past 5 years of apartment/home living for me that I have actually decided to iron my curtains and it really paid off. Continue reading to learn why this is so important, but trust me, you do not want to skip this step!

Ironing curtains2. Use your ironing board as a sort of staging area to fold the top of your curtains down as much as you would like to modify the length. In my case, I knew I wanted to modify the 84 inch curtains by about 10 inches.

3. Open 1 pack of clip rings and lay them out along your curtain to get an idea for spacing. Ensure the clip rings will be evenly spaced and then clip!

Curtain clip rings

Curtain clip ring

4. Hang your curtain and repeat as needed, depending on how many curtains you are modifying.

Modify 84 inch curtains, hang and style like a pro

No sewing needed whatsoever and utilizing the curtain clip rings allows you to make the curtains any length you want. You can’t even tell they have been modified and, in my case, they are right above my baseboard heaters, just where I wanted them.

Modified 84 inch curtains

Now, why was it so important to iron the curtains? First of all, they definitely look so much better when they are ironed, that’s obvious. But what’s really important is, ironing the curtains allowed me to really style them like a pro. To achieve the clean, sophisticated look seen here, I pinched the curtains at the very top between each clip ring and followed the fold all the way down to the bottom.

Styling curtainsStyling curtains like a pro

Creating this accordion-like effect really makes the curtains look like curtains and not just wrinkly sheets tossed up on a curtain rod.

Curtain clip rings really are the answer to curtain modification as far as I’m concerned. I don’t own a sewing machine and I’ve used “no -ew” products, but nothing works quite as well as the curtain clip ring method! Now, in the future, I can have my 84 inch curtains or I can modify again to any length I’d like.


Actin’ Kinda Shady

You better believe that’s a Destiny’s Child reference, yes sir. We’ve been totally shady lately, but not the mysterious kind (although maybe we are a bit mysterious?). More like we don’t know what to do with shades in our office. I have this vision that we will have roman shades, bamboo, with some sheer curtains to soften things up a bit. So far, all we’ve got are the bamboo roman shades, but I must say; this is a big improvement:

Roman shades before and after

As you can see, before we had the cheap-o, white vinyl blinds. They got dirty, they look tacky and they just fell flat next to all the lovely white trim we recently painted. So we were on the hunt for some inexpensive bamboo shades and our search finally ended at our trusty old home improvement store, Lowes. These allen + roth faux bamboo shades have the natural look we were seeking. According to Lowes online they are made of paper, but it looks like bamboo so that’s all that matters. These were pretty cheap at $20 per shade and we only needed two so it worked out pretty well.

At the same time, we were hunting for some inexpensive sheers and they finally turned up at Big Lots. However, once we got down to hanging them, we realized how small our window space was. Basically, the window on the right is so close to the wall, it makes no sense to have curtains.

Home office window treatments

Thus, we go back to the drawing board. I definitely love the shades – I think they go really well with the soft blue/almost white paint (Valspar “Wave’s Crest”) and the almost navy/floral rug we have under the desk, in the center of the room. I think the space is really coming together, but I do think we need something else for the windows. We have one curtain rod hung, so we might as well see this through! Perhaps just a valence or swag curtains?? Or Andrew?

Andrew goofing off


Huh? What would you choose??

Stay with us to see what happens with this office decor project! Keep following us on Facebook and Pinterest as well to see what we’re up/what inspires us!

We Will Become Silhouettes

When making DIY silhouettes, I just could not resist using that title for this post (a Postal Service song for those who may not get the reference). I’m a Photoshop fanatic and always have been. I use Photoshop on a daily basis at work and we’re constantly using it to create graphics and adjust photos for the blog. Recently I started messing around with some of my favorite photos and decided to come up with a framed collection of silhouettes.

*This post can serve as a quick reference step-by-step guide for you to make your own DIY Silhouettes! You will need:

Some digital photos
Photoshop (and basic Photoshop skills)
A color printer, fully loaded with paper

We purchased some cheap-o frames of various colors, styles and sizes – cheap is great in this case because customizing the silhouette is your chance to add style and pops of color. I took two photos from our wedding and found a pre-made silhouette of one of our favorite pooches, inspired by this guy:

English Bulldog Crumpler

For anyone who doesn’t know, that’s Crumpler, my family dog. He doesn’t live with us of course, but we love this little fellow 🙂

I used Photoshop to ‘magnetic lasso’ the two of us out of these photos, taken by the oh-so-awesome RHM Photography crew:

Wedding Photo Wedding Photo

I carefully traced and cropped us out. Then turned us into silhouetted shapes by simply dyeing everything black. Then I messed with the background colors, added another layer with a damask look for some texture and arranged each photo into a 4 x 6, 7 x 5 and 8 x 10 canvas as shown:

DIY silhouette project

I thought the 8 x 10 might look a little better with a matted look so I created a white sort of frame within my canvas and used bevel and emboss settings to add some depth to the faux matte. Then I printed and voila!

DIY silhouettes

Then my lovely assistant Andrew cut the silhouettes out and framed them for me to create the finished product.

DIY silhouettes

Now…where to hang them?? Most likely in the office because we’re still in the process of getting that room fully decorated. Stay with us to find out where these DIY silhouettes end up!