It’s Curtains for Us!

Despite our lack of posts lately, no this is not a call for canceling the blog. We have just literally been up to our eye balls in curtains lately!

You may recall my post about some changes we’ve been making around the house, namely in our bedroom. We are doing a slight re-design of our old style. I mentioned in my last post, we had a funky black and neon green/yellow-colored duvet with black headboards and black curtains. This all went with the gray or metal-colored walls we chose for our old house.

In the new house, we’re lightening everything up! We chose our new bedding from West Elm. It’s a light aqua color. ( Pardon the not-so-fancy cell phone snaps…only way I was going to get this post out the door 🙂 )

West Elm Bedding West Elm BeddingAnd, after much debate and many curtain purchases, we finally settled on a winner!

Bedding from West ElmNate Berkus for Target Curtains Nate Berkus for Target CurtainsWe went through several curtains – some from our basement that were leftover from previous place and most others from Target. The nice thing is, we can order plenty of things from Target online and easily return them to our local store. Thus, we tend to order mass quantities of things, see if they make sense in our space, narrow it down and return all the losers to the store. That’s exactly what we did with these curtains.

We have a bit of an awkward window situation in the bedroom. We now have central A/C (thank all things that are good!), but the vent is on the wall in this room. We could have gone with floor-length curtains, but the curtains would be swaying about as the air blows. So, we went with our tried and true clip ring method!

Hanging curtains with clip ringsSeriously, never worry about length, type or style when curtain shopping! Just go with the colors, prints and patterns you like, decide on the texture and how much light you’re looking to block/not block and buy clip rings. Here is my easy, alteration-free curtain picking policy:

#1 – Length does not matter! You can easily fold down the top of the curtain to your desired length and clip the rings along the top for a quickie alteration!

#2 – With clip rings, opening and closing curtains is a breeze! They slide very well on your curtain rod. No annoying pocket rod situations with curtains that don’t easily open and shut. This is especially important in the bedroom where you are constantly opening and shutting curtains. At least we are (is that normal)? Anyway…

#3 – Hardware, don’t care. I tend to love hardware. The look of the clip rings is definitely a look I’m going for. Modern, clean, functional, styling, a bit industrial yet charmingly classic; they are an ideal match for our style!

Almost completed bedroom DIYSo that’s why we’ve been up to our eye balls in curtains lately. Up next is our headboard restyle. We’re going from dark and boring to light, bright and (hopefully) colorful! The headboard may even involve some curtains too, believe it or not! Keep with us to find out just what I’m talking about in my next follow up post!

How-To Make a DIY Picture Clothesline

We’ve been getting really crafty recently and we’ve been doing a lot of cool things with photos and prints lately. For our 1st wedding anniversary, Andrew printed up all of our Instagram photos from the past year, so I decided we should create a DIY picture clothesline to display our favorites. Here is a step-by-step guide to making your very own picture clothesline! These 5 easy steps should take you less than 30 minutes to complete.

Instagram prints for picture clothesline project

You Will Need:

  • Twine
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Thumb Tacks
  • Mini Clothespins
  • Photos

Picture clothesline project tools

Step 1: Once you’ve gathered all of the items you need, you’re ready to begin this very easy DIY picture clothesline project! Find a wall in your home where you would like to display your picture clothesline.

Step 2: Insert thumb tacks into the wall so that they are level, but a few feet apart from one another. You will want to separate the thumb tacks farther or bring them closer together depending on the size of the wall you’re using. We used a hammer to make sure the tacks were really tapped in for a secure hold.

Step 3: Cut a piece of twine slightly longer than the distance between both of your thumb tacks. Take the 1st end of the twine and tie a little loop. Place the loop on the first thumb tack.

Step 4: Stretch your twine (now looped around the 1st thumb tack) across to the 2nd thumb tack and create another loop to place around the 2nd thumb tack. You want to make sure your twine is pretty taught, as the weight of the photos will cause the twine to sag quite a bit. That’s the style we’re going for, but you will want to prevent the line from sagging too much.

DIY picture clothesline project

Step 5: Cut any excess twine (like we had to do in the pic above) and you’re all done! You can start hanging your photos from your DIY picture clothesline using your mini clothespins! These mini clothespins can be found at just about any craft store. We got ours at Michael’s.

Mini clothespins for DIY picture clothesline

Now we used some super cool prints from our Instagram accounts.
*Hint Hint: Follow us on Instagram!
Megan: @justbees
Andrew: @yooobake

As I said before, Andrew had our Instagram photos from the past year printed as an anniversary gift. He used a site called to print the photos. He also utilized Webstagram to download my Instagram photos to upload + print via WinkFlash. I personally think the neat little square Instagram photos are ideal for the picture clothesline. What do you think?

Picture clothesline

DIY picture clothesline

In the Mood

Can you paint with all the colors? Apparently we can. (Yes that was a Pocahontas reference. No I am not ashamed). We had two apartments before our house, but we walked into this with no painting experience. I think we have a good eye for color and coordination (well, maybe just me since A is colorblindish ;-)), but I tend to feel like we went a little nuts with the “rainbow in my house” effect here. I was determined to have a green living room and that bright color may have been just fine if we didn’t also pick an outlandishly bight yellow for the immediately adjacent office. I LOVE the grayish blueish color in our bedroom, but still, the colors don’t really flow from room to room as nicely as some other homes I’ve seen in my DIY blog reading travels.

With that being said, I do still love our color choices and I do think we do a pretty decent job of tying colors together; at least in each individual room. For those of you who actually care about this stuff, I wanted to create a little room-by-room inventory per say. It may take awhile to gather all the elements, but I think it will be helpful to have a source list for paint colors and other decor, furniture and miscellaneous items in our home that tie each room (and, ultimately, the whole place) together.

This will start out as a blog post, but eventually I would like to create an entire section on the blog dedicated to these “mood boards.” Let’s start with the living room:

Living room mood board

  1. Behr Paint and Primer in One in Minted Lemon
  2. Bath and Body Works Lamb Blanket (sits atop the couch, for use on chilly evenings)
  3. Lattice Cube Shelves from Kohl’s
  4. Target Home Medallion Rug
  5. L-O-V-E letters from Michael’s (used at our wedding and re-purposed as part of our picture wall)
  6. Hemnes Coffee Table from IKEA
  7. Woodland Creature Candles (not to be lit!) from Kohl’s
  8. Bicycle print body pillowcase from Target (body pillow featured on our loveseat)
  9. Vejmon Side Table from IKEA

We’re getting in the mood, indeed.