It’s no mystery that changing to a new color of paint is one of the easiest ways to change up the vibe of a room. It’s also is a great way to bring something cohesive to your entire home’s color palette.

When we started painting after we moved in we made some pretty bold decisions, and learned some pretty serious lessons about color choices. We chose two bold colors for the living room and office. We’ve kept Behr’s Minted Lemon in the living room, but our choice of Olympic One’s “Sunbeam” has always worried us. Here’s the office as it appeared a few weeks ago.

Yellow Office Sunbeam

In the photo it doesn’t look that bad I suppose, but walking into that room everyday was a bit of a jarring experience. I’m not one to be afraid of color or bold decisions, but I just don’t think we have that kind of house. Maybe with a little more natural light it could have worked.

Wave's Crest versus Sunbeam

The new color we chose was “Wave’s Crest” by Valspar. As soon as we started painting we were worried we’d gone too light or too white. Once we had finished the room, let it dry and looked at it the next morning I think we realized we’d made the right decision. Then we cleaned up the trim with a new coat of white paint and we were done.

Office Painted with Wave's Crest

Overall I think it really brightens up the room and if nothing else it looks a lot better with the finish on our floors. The yellow may have been more tolerable when we had carpet, but with the refinished hardwood it really clashed.

Let us know if you think we’ve made the right color decision. Stay tuned to find out what we paint next, the kitchen? the basement? or a repaint of the living room?

More Door Stories!

I know, just what you wanted…more boring stories about our interior doors. Unfortunately, this is the extent of our home renovations at the moment. Replacing all of the interior doors is a really long and drawn out process.

First you have to paint one side, wait for it to dry, then paint the other. Then you have to cut the door knob, chisel the hinges and hang the thing. It doesn’t seem like much, but it took us 1 full day to hang 1 full door (as you read in our 2-part door saga last week).

Office Before

That’s our office the way its been for a few weeks now. As Megan mentioned in our first post about the doors, we ordered the bathroom door and 2 bi-fold doors for our office closets. The bathroom door arrived first, so we tackled that right away. Last week, the bi-fold doors came in. Between work and our busy schedules, this become a week-long process. I painted the doors during the week; one side one night, the other side the next night, followed by the sides of the doors (the side you’ll see when the doors fold in) on a 3rd night. The key is allowing enough time to dry between sides, so you really do need to take your time. We rushed the bathroom door and did it in one day. We ended up having to repaint a few spots after it was hung.

Painting Bi Fold Door

Once the painting was done, we could get right to hanging. Unlike the regular doors, the bi-fold doors didn’t require a door knob installation, so that was a bonus. They did, however require us to install a track for them to run on.

Bi Fold Track Installation

The track is a fairly easy concept to grasp, and I enjoyed how quickly the doors went up. The track system is fairly simple and combines a track installed above the door, and a bracket on floor screwed into the jamb.

Once the doors were hung, they needed some adjustment. Then as soon as they closed properly and we’d stepped back we noticed there was a lot of extra space above the door. Also, the exposed hardware doesn’t look great. I cut some of the 1/2″ wood I’d used above the bathroom door, and painted it white. It fit like a charm!

Bi-fold Door Shim

That’s it. For now! The office has come a long way but that concludes this segment of our door project. This is certainly not the last. I have a feeling the segments will get more boring as the project rolls along, but who knows. I couldn’t have predicted half the stuff that has happened with us and this house thus far.

Office Before & After

The Office

The Office

No, not that office. Although we do love the show, we’re talking about our office. Just a few days ago, what we’ve been calling “the office” was a room to throw our junk in until we figured out where it was going. After some serious cleaning up and organizing, we were ready to tackle the last of the brown-lined ceiling tiles (you may remember these babies from our living room and our bedroom).

Here’s “the office” as pictured in the listing photos for our house:

Listing photo

Creepy, eh?

With a lack of closet space in our bedroom, we knew we needed to add some storage space to the office, so we installed Closet Maid shelving into this little alcove right after we moved into the house.

Closet with Closet Maid Shelves

Take note of all our junk too. This is pretty much what the office has looked like for the past 4 months.

We took off from work the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day, so we had plenty of time to see friends and family and time to work on a few things around the house. Naturally, we wanted to make another big dent in our house progress, so we decided to tackle this messy room.

We organized everything, removed all the junk and prepped the room for a serious paint job. We also removed that ugly scalloped wood hanging over what we have turned into a closet.

Closet with scalloped woodScalloped wood removed

It was a rough removal because the piece of wood had been painted over a few times, but it wasn’t anything a little spackle and fresh paint couldn’t fix!

Scalloped wood removed

Once we got this hunk of junk out of the way, it was time to get to painting. We pretty much hate painting at this point. We have painted just about anything that can be painted in our house – a little color updating goes a LONG way! As I said before, you may remember our ugly brown-lined ceiling tiles from our living room and bedroom. Of course, we had to tackle these bad boys one last time in the office.

Ceiling tiles

Yuck. Filling in the lines requires A LOT of paint, but once that’s finished, all you have to do is roll!

Painting ceiling tiles

Then it was onto the walls. We knew we wanted to paint the room yellow, but we really had no idea that Olympic One’s “Sunbeam” was going to be this bright!

Yellow office

Here’s a look at the room after we removed the painter’s tape and started to get our stuff back into place:

Remodeled officeRemodeled office

What do you think? Too bright? I’m afraid we may have turned our house into a rainbow, but I think we are just really drawn to color. Stay tuned for my next update to see what we did to spruce the space up a bit more!