As our loyal readers know, our house could easily be compared to an antique collectible. It was built from scratch by the original owner, so many things throughout the house don’t make much sense (for lack of a better phrase). When we had our bathroom re-done last year, our contractor couldn’t believe some of the “surprises” he uncovered, like an entire electrical box for a light switch just hanging by a bit of spray foam – that was a good one. Or how about the window in our shower from one of the additions?

Bathroom window

I think that’s my all-time favorite. Either way, you have to believe we are constantly finding surprises around every corner.

Which brings me to the point of this whole post; plumbing. The plumbing in our house seems to work just fine, but according to professional plumbers, it is less than desirable. We have a pipe in our basement that has started this teeny tiny pinhole leak. It’s not even a leak yet, more like a tiny drip. So…we called People’s Plumbing, which lucky for us, is right in our neighborhood! The guy who came out to take a look was kind enough to take a short tour of the whole plumbing situation we have going on in our basement. Not only are we going to have this leaky pipe replaced, we’re going to have a nearby, less-than-perfect pipe configuration re-done AND we’re going to finally get our antique toilet removed!(Have we ever showed you this guy before)?

Basement toiletBasement toilet

We got a quote from someone last year to see how much it would cost to remove that unsightly toilet and they said it would be around $1,000. People’s Plumbing is going to get rid of it for $125!

So we’re going to plumb while the plumbing’s good; update a leaky pipe, fix a goofy pipe configuration and send our antique toilet to it’s final resting place. I’m sure there’s a history museum out there somewhere that would love to have it 😉

After the toilet’s out, we’ll probably really clean up that room and paint it. We only really use the basement for doing laundry at this point, but getting rid of that toilet will make a big difference! Keep checking back and be sure to ‘like’ our Facebook page for a follow-up on this plumbing project!

Can we see a picture of your floors?

The answer to that question is, “yes, of course!” But can we get the photos to you in a timely fashion? Of course not! The past few weeks have been super hectic. While we were having our floors re-done and staying with Andrew’s parents about 40 minutes from our house, Andrew’s car also decided to bite the dust! So we just bought ourselves a brand new car (voice here a la Rod Roddy, Price is Right style).

Check out our new wheels, yo.

2012 Toyota Prius C2012 Toyota Prius C2012 Toyota Prius C

The new 2012 Toyota Prius C. We drove the car all the way to South Jersey and back, plus Andrew drove to work a few days in a row and only had to fill the tank once so far. He averaged at least 50 miles per gallon and we estimate we will be able to get at least 500 miles per tank of gas. We also estimate that we should be able to save over $1000 a year in gas alone – dats alotta bones! Even though this all happened at the most inconvenient time, we’re pretty pumped to have the new car and the new floors. We spoil ourselves :-p

Anyway…it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. You’ve seen a smattering of photos on our Facebook page, but this is the big reveal. Stay tuned for a future post about the whole process from start to finish!

Office…Refinished hardwood floors

Putting the living room back…

Refinished hardwood floors

Living Room Final product…

Refinished hardwood floors

Obviously there are more rooms to see and things to show, but we’re secretly hoping this will hold you over, at least for a little while.

Wood is Good!

When we last posted the floors were still technically “in progress” but now they’ve been fully stained. Today, after waiting for everything to dry, we started moving our furniture back in from the kitchen and basement. We haven’t fully moved back in, but at the moment we’re livable. The stain color is a little darker than we’d originally planned on, but I’m really enjoying the classic vibes its giving off right now. That’s why I’m posting a bunch of classic looking photos we’ve been taking with Instagram during the day.

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