Painting Again?

That’s right…we’re thinking of painting again! Yes, we’ve only been in the house for just over 1 year, but we’re starting to realize that “Minted Lemon”, featured in our living room, and “Sunbeam”, featured in our office, are not meshing very well. You can read all about our 1st adventure in painting by clicking here! Because the office and living room are directly next to one another, it’s sort of like shared space. We think we need to find a way to make the colors throughout our house (specifically in these two rooms), blend a bit better. I love the loud green color and the cheery yellow, but maybe not together, right next to one another.

House paint colors

So far, we’re just shopping around for new colors. We really like paint and primer in one and since we love Lowe’s so much, that would point us to Lowe’s “Olympic One.” We’ve used it before, and with good results, so we will most likely be picking new colors from their collection. We want to keep with the same color scheme, but we want to seriously dumb down the brightness and really go for some muted tones this time. We love the look of “Pale Vista” to replace the bold and bright “Minted Lemon.”


For the office, we like this very subtle yellow. It’s almost white, but I’m confident that in the office, it will show up as a lovely soft yellow.


Together, with the other colors we have throughout the rest of the house, we think we have a winning combination…


Pictured above:

  • “Fresh Day”, Bathroom
  • “Burnished Metal”, Bedroom
  • “Gray Beige”, Dining Room
  • “Sugared Shortbread”, potential for the Office
  • “Pale Vista”, potential for the Living Room

What do you think? Should we keep the bold green and yellow or take it down a notch with some more muted tones?? Head over to our Facebook page to voice your opinion!

The Office

The Office

No, not that office. Although we do love the show, we’re talking about our office. Just a few days ago, what we’ve been calling “the office” was a room to throw our junk in until we figured out where it was going. After some serious cleaning up and organizing, we were ready to tackle the last of the brown-lined ceiling tiles (you may remember these babies from our living room and our bedroom).

Here’s “the office” as pictured in the listing photos for our house:

Listing photo

Creepy, eh?

With a lack of closet space in our bedroom, we knew we needed to add some storage space to the office, so we installed Closet Maid shelving into this little alcove right after we moved into the house.

Closet with Closet Maid Shelves

Take note of all our junk too. This is pretty much what the office has looked like for the past 4 months.

We took off from work the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day, so we had plenty of time to see friends and family and time to work on a few things around the house. Naturally, we wanted to make another big dent in our house progress, so we decided to tackle this messy room.

We organized everything, removed all the junk and prepped the room for a serious paint job. We also removed that ugly scalloped wood hanging over what we have turned into a closet.

Closet with scalloped woodScalloped wood removed

It was a rough removal because the piece of wood had been painted over a few times, but it wasn’t anything a little spackle and fresh paint couldn’t fix!

Scalloped wood removed

Once we got this hunk of junk out of the way, it was time to get to painting. We pretty much hate painting at this point. We have painted just about anything that can be painted in our house – a little color updating goes a LONG way! As I said before, you may remember our ugly brown-lined ceiling tiles from our living room and bedroom. Of course, we had to tackle these bad boys one last time in the office.

Ceiling tiles

Yuck. Filling in the lines requires A LOT of paint, but once that’s finished, all you have to do is roll!

Painting ceiling tiles

Then it was onto the walls. We knew we wanted to paint the room yellow, but we really had no idea that Olympic One’s “Sunbeam” was going to be this bright!

Yellow office

Here’s a look at the room after we removed the painter’s tape and started to get our stuff back into place:

Remodeled officeRemodeled office

What do you think? Too bright? I’m afraid we may have turned our house into a rainbow, but I think we are just really drawn to color. Stay tuned for my next update to see what we did to spruce the space up a bit more!

3 Month Check-up: Part 1

It’s been a little over 3 months since we moved into our new house and I have to say we’ve come a looooonnnngggg way! I don’t usually like to pat myself on the back, but we’ve accomplished A LOT in a short amount of time. And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

So without further adieu, here’s a re-cap of what we’ve done so far.

The Living Room

The first room we attacked after making settlement. Here’s the living room as pictured in the listing photos for our house:

Living room listing photo

Here’s what we’ve done to the place:

  • Painted the ceiling: Valspar Ultra Premium Ceiling Paint in White (blinding white to hide the ugly brown lines running between these silly ceiling tiles)
  • Painted the walls: Behr Paint and Primer in One in Minted Lemon
  • Added all of our furniture and re-arranged the layout once or twice
  • Created a photo wall (which is coming along quite nicely, by the way)
  • Added new, white faux wood blinds + curtains, complete with hold backs for a neat and sophisticated look
  • Decorated for Halloween, then Christmas 🙂

And here’s what it looks like today:

Our remodeled living room

The Bedroom

The second room we tackled. We didn’t waste a second. Here’s what it looked like before it became ours:

Bedroom listing photo

And here’s what we’ve done to the bedroom thus far:

  • Painted the ceiling: Valspar Ultra Premium Ceiling Paint in White
  • Painted the walls: Behr Paint and Primer in One in Burnished Metal
  • Added all of our furniture and purchased some sleek, new little lamps for our nightstands
  • Threw our DIY headboards back into the mix (we had these in both of our apartments)
  • Painted the closet to freshen things up: Behr Paint and Primer in One in Fresh Day (also featured in our new bathroom)!
  • Hemmed and hung our old black curtains (recycle)!

Here’s the bedroom today:

Our remodeled bedroom

And that’s what we have for you so far. How did we do? We feel like these two rooms have passed the 3 month check-up with flying colors (our paint colors are pretty fly). Stay tuned for Part 2 of our 3 month check-up where we’ll walk you through what we’ve been up to with the rest of the house!