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We’re freshening things up! How do you like our look for Summer 2012?!

GET OUTSIDE this summer! The Wilderness Must Be Explored!

When we’re not at work, working on the house or inside blogging…we’re working and playing outside. We love hiking and even just walking around our neighborhood. We’re hoping our Summer 2012 reFRESHed design will inspire y’all to get outside this season. There’s just nothing like exploring a new park (at least for us), and with all the moving + traveling around New Jersey we’ve done over the years, we’ve explored A LOT of places!

I just checked in with Andrew today (while we were on a hike), to see what his favorite parks of all time were. I told him he couldn’t pick Yellowstone, but other, smaller National Parks would be okay. So he picked Sandy Hook and Wharton State Forest, but great places here in Jersey. I’m more of a “favorite of the moment” kind of person, so I chose Deep Cut Park! It’s in Middletown, NJ, just a few miles from our house. They have beautiful gardens and some great paths to check out. Here are two pics from a few months ago. As you can imagine, things are even greener today!

DIY and home improvement bloggers explore the great outdoorsDIY and home improvement bloggers explore the great outdoorsHere are some of our favorite “outside moments” from the past few years:

DIY and home improvement bloggers explore the great outdoors
Yellowstone National Park
DIY and home improvement bloggers explore the great outdoors
Plymouth, MA
DIY and home improvement bloggers explore the great outdoors
Batsto Village, New Jersey
DIY and home improvement bloggers explore the great outdoors
Smithville, New Jersey (an obvious fave)
Wedding photo courtesy of RHM Photography

Behind the Blog

Notice anything different? We just created a new header and made just a little change to the background here on the blog!

So what’s the method behind our madness? What spins our wheels? We both have a background in TV and Film production, which has allowed us both to develop some super handy Photoshop skills. I use Photoshop every day at work, updating websites with new headers and creating Twitter and YouTube backgrounds, among other things. And we’ve both always loved photography and using various programs to edit and manipulate our photos.

Here’s a little look into my workspace in Photoshop.

Creating new images for the blogThe simple design for the header is centered around this great photo of us by our buddy, Matt at Matt LaRoche Photography. Experienced Photoshoppers can probably spot the leaf brush I used for the background from a mile away. But again, a simplistic look with a dab of color for a pleasing, yet not-too-distracting background was exactly what we were going for here.

That’s it. I didn’t want to sneakily put up these new graphics without mention, but while you’re here, enjoy a few other items from our photo editing archives.

Bath, EnglandBritish MuseumShoesCaranza MemorialBirdsHello, sunshine.Never stop dreaming...Everything must belong somewhere