Take Offs and a Landing

Last week I had a day off from work and decided to make use of the time by taking on a project. It ended up taking a little longer than anticipated, and I hit a few snags, but in the grand scheme of things this was one of the easier projects we’ve done.

Doorway before Landing

Since we’ve moved in we’ve always had problems with the front door that enters directly into the living room. The most obvious problem is that the carpet makes it very difficult to open. The other problem is that anytime we’ve had any kind of contractor or inspector or service guy over they come in and, if they’ve got boots on, they don’t have anywhere to wipe their feet or take off said boots. We came up with the idea to create a landing area right there.

Carpet Layout for Landing Cut

That’s what it looked like with the carpet. We’ve cut the carpet back before, and were aware that there is some hardwood underneath. While we were working on the kitchen we got a glimpse of the hardwood while installing a threshold to the dining room. It didn’t seem to be in the best shape, so we sort of gave up on the idea of ever uncovering useable hardwood floors.

Carpet Peel Back Hardwood

This section of hardwood that was hiding under the carpet seems a lot more promising. It seems to be in better shape and is a lot more pleasing to look at. Right now we don’t really have the time or the funds to tear up all of the carpet and refinish the hardwood. So that’s a project for another day/time/year unfortunately. As I was cutting the carpet and peeling the padding off the floor, it seems like they used some staples to secure it down. From what I understand this is a lot better than if they had used an adhesive or lots of nails. I ripped ’em all out one by one and it was time to say goodbye to the hardwood flooring for now.

Hardwood Floor Showing Carpet Staples

We had a few planks of leftover Pergo flooring from the kitchen. I cut those down to size and laid them down. Since this will be a location where people will be entering from outside, I glued between the planks to keep them sealed. I had some difficulty with the thresholds, as the height difference between the carpet and floor below is too great to close the gap cleanly. Also, the Pergo thresholds require a metal bracket to be installed into the floor below, which is NOT something I was about to do. Also, while cutting the right angles for the corners, the Pergo tends to chip and I couldn’t get a clean angle. To clean it up I filled in the unevenness with a color matched silicone.

Pergo Floor Weighted

Since the whole floor is “floating” and the thresholds are essentially suspended between the Pergo and the carpet with some Liquid Nails adhesive, we needed to weigh down the edges and let them set overnight.

Finished Front Door Landing

This project also afforded me the opportunity to seal in some gaps between the floor and door that were letting cold air in. A little bit of adhesive backed window insulation did the trick and stopped the draft from coming in under the door.

Pergo Landing into Living Room

I think the final product looks nice and clean and transitions to the carpet really well. Of course the best part is the door doesn’t get caught or slowed down by any protruding carpet. Overall, this was a pretty easy one day, one-off project that not only looks pretty cool, but also solves a problem we’ve been having since we moved in. Its been a week now and the floor is working out great for us.

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