Things are looking up!

Alright people, we’re blogging to you today, not as the renters you once knew, but as proud new homeowners! And by “new” I mean, new to us. That’s right, we’ve really got our work cut out for us. I’m blogging through bleary eyes and a caffeine-induced typing speed of 60+ WPM. Pretty impressive, eh?

We made settlement on our house this past Friday, August 12th. Since then, we’ve painted 2 incredibly persnickety ceilings, 2 entire rooms (living room and master bedroom), and yours truly tackled the dirt and grime that doth come with a retirement-aged bathroom. (Stay tuned for some graphic photos of that nightmare). All-in-all, we’re chalking this up to a big win. However, we’re super ancy to get the rest of our immediate work done. On Sunday, Andrew and I removed all of the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers and removed the hardware from them. This weekend, in addition to taking delivery of a new dishwasher, a new refrigerator and several new cable and internet hookups/installations, we plan on sanding (we found some great primer that won’t require sanding!), priming and painting these beasts.

Kitchen cabinetsUgh, talk about dated.

Speaking of dated, let’s backtrack to the painting for a moment. When we started this little venture, we knew we were going to have to do something about our atrocious ceilings. Here’s a “before” shot of these little monsters.

Acoustic ceiling tilesThere have been several items on our to-do list, but painting these ceiling tiles has always graced the top of the list. There’s just something so unattractive about them. So we originally consulted with our home inspector and he was able to tell us that these were acoustic ceiling tiles. (Not to be confused with drop ceiling acoustic tiles; our acoustic tiles are actually stuck on). However, they’re so outdated that there’s nothing available in Lowe’s or Home Depot to really compare them to. So after speaking with a few people at Lowe’s, we basically went with our own guts and just purchased Valspar ceiling paint. We started off with the regular white paint, and then switched to the “goes on purple, turns to white” paint when we needed to crack open a 2nd can.

Andrew's Dad using Valspar color-changing ceiling paintAbove is a pic of Andrew’s Dad applying some of the Valspar color-changing paint. That stuff was fabulous! The process was super tedious and it took 4 – 5 of us about 2 hours just to paint the whole living room ceiling. Things were literally looking up – serious cricked necks abound.

Painting acoustic ceiling tilesBecause acoustic tiles are generally porous, we had to apply tons of paint to the brown lines running between the tiles. Some of the crevices were deeper than others, so it took awhile to fill everything in.
Partially painted acoustic ceiling tilesOnce we got all the lines filled in, we noticed a huge difference already! Then all it took was a little rolling action, and voila – no more yucky brown in the ceiling. Just clean, crisp white! The ceilings now seem several feet taller and your eyes aren’t drawn directly upward upon entering the room.

Painted acoustic ceiling tilesThe above picture is before the rolling process, but you can definitely see what a huge difference the white paint has made!

Now check out the before and after, back to back. (The before also showcases our fabulous purple door)!

Living room before paint

The picture of the final product comes complete with a peek at our wall paint; “Minted Lemon” (Behr paint and primer in one).

Painted living room

All-in-all this was a tedious process, but it was well worth it in the end. We did the same thing in our master bedroom and will eventually be following suit in the office. Until then, I don’t even want to look at a paint brush. 😉

We got a lot of work done over the past week, so stay tuned to the blog and our Twitter account for more updates about all of our initial home improvement projects!

5 thoughts on “Things are looking up!”

  1. I have these EXACT tiles in my bedroom and living room, and have been trying to figure out what to do. Thanks so much for putting detailed pics up, so I can see what they look like when I paint them all one color.

  2. I signed the paperwork on the 14th last month. Today is the 13th a month later. I needed help with the kitchen cabinets. I sanded them and put carpenter’s putty and just did my first coat of paint when I noticed…IT DIDN’T STICK! So that is how I ended up here reading your blog. I feel exactly like you did when you said —> “We’re almost 1 month into home-ownership, but I feel like we just moved in this morning. Okay, so I’m over exaggerating, just a bit – but things feel pretty chaotic around here. We’ve made the rookie mistake of taking on too many projects all at once. However, I can’t really blame us because we’re just so eager to get things done! We should probably embrace this enthusiasm while we’ve still got it.” :- )

    1. Wow, Daliah…sounds like you’re in the same boat as we are! We definitely bit off more than we could chew, but we have done SO MUCH and we still have not been in the house for 1 full year yet. This weekend, we’re having our floors re-done; it never ends, but it’s always worth it in the end! So glad you found our blog and that we are able to share our experience with other first-time home buyers! Happy painting 🙂

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