This is Halloween

We love Halloween! Fall is our favorite time of year and we love everything that goes into Halloween; deciding on a costume, the decorations, fall theme, candy, pumpkin everything! Every year we throw a big Halloween bash with all of our friends. Last year was the third year we threw our annual Halloween party, so the theme was 3D! We’re now going into our 4th year and it will be our first party in our new house! Here’s a little photo preview of some of our Fall/Halloween decor…

Halloween flagFall decorationsHalloween decorationsHalloween shower curtainHalloween decorationsFall candlesHalloween decorationsThere’s a lot more where that came from, but we don’t want to give away all the good stuff before the party! Most of our decorations have come from Target or The Christmas Tree Shops (pretty sure it’s exclusive to Jersey at the moment, but this store is awesome for decorations)!

As is common with many almost all of my posts, I had to make a reference to something…The Nightmare Before Christmas seemed wildly appropriate so get into the spirit and enjoy! Happy Haunting 🙂


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