Tis the Season… for DIY Snow Globes

With Christmas just around the corner and the temperatures dropping, we were looking for some cool indoor things to do.

This past weekend while it started to snow outside, we stayed inside and came up with a quick DIY craft to do. With a just a few items we bought at AC Moore, we made some cool homemade snow globes.

To start get yourself a decent sized mason jar, some distilled water, glitter, epoxy, a figurine that will fit inside the jar and a few drops of glycerine. The glycerine supposedly isn’t crucial, but it will make the glitter snow fall slower.

Glitter for Crafts


5 Minute Epoxy

Take the lid from your jar and rough it up with some sandpaper.

Mason Jar Lids

Now take your figurine and glue it down to the bottom of the lid with epoxy. We tried this with crazy glue at first and the hold wasn’t strong enough. We used Loctite Instant Mix Epoxy, which you can find at most stores, even Target.

Deer Glued to Lid

While allowing the epoxy to dry, fill the jar with distilled water, a healthy amount of glitter and a couple drops of glycerin. Make sure to leave a little room at the top of the jar, as the figurine will raise the water level. If you’ve never bought glycerin before, you can find it at most pharmacies.

Glitter in Jar

Owl DIY Glued Upside Down to a Mason Jar

Now place the lid into place and screw the ring around to seal everything in. Flip it upside down to make sure everything worked.

Mason Jar Lid Upside Down

DIY Snow Globe Deer

DIY Snow Globe Owl


If everything worked out right, the glitter should fall slowly, just like in a real snow globe. Enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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