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We’ve been super busy lately, and our latest design decisions have not been easy. Have you ever tried so hard to make something work, that in the end, you just end up right back where you started? We had a weekend like that recently and it involved several lamps.

Our house is old and lacks the light we crave. Also, as a rule, we usually avoid anything that has to do with electrical. So that leaves us with some lighting issues. Our living room could definitely be brighter, so we thought, ‘okay, add a lamp. Easy right’? WRONG.

We set off in search of a new floor lamp, thinking that we would just have our table lamp and 2 floor lamps; 1 floor lamp on either side of the living room, in opposite corners. Our challenge was that we didn’t want to buy the same cheap-o floor lamp from Target a second time; we wanted something new and exciting. Our big fear with this was that it would look like we just had 3 random lamps sitting around the room, which, in reality, is exactly what it would have looked like. However, you’ll be pleased to know that in the end, our living room is still just a slightly-too-dark, 2 lamp living room. But we love it because we did get this brand new, awesome, designery lamp from Traget:

New Target Lamp

I won’t bore you with all the details, but as a 3rd lighting option for this room, we bought a floor lamp from Lowe’s that looked like this:

Lowes Shelf Lamp

We thought that if we added a 3rd, wild card kind of lamp, it would look purposeful and not like we were just throwing another random lamp in the room. This turned out to be a disaster because poor Andrew put the entire lamp together and when we plugged it in, it had this awful yellow glow to it. It didn’t match the temperature of any other light in our entire house and, quite frankly, it just wouldn’t do. Sooooo…Andrew took the entire thing apart and we returned it.

Later on, we spent the greater part of an evening playing with lamps in the lighting aisles of Target. We were putting lamps inside of things, on top of things, thinking of building something ourselves that would fashion a table lamp into a floor lamp…yea, things got real weird. In the end, we knew that we couldn’t just get another random floor lamp, so we figured we would have to get another table lamp to match the new one we had purchased earlier that day. (Yes, we went to Target 4 times that day. No, we’re not ashamed). We knew we didn’t want to purchase another end table because the one we have now that’s from Ikea was actually 100 bucks and we just don’t feel like spending that much on another end table. We thought maybe if we put a 2nd, matching table lamp, up high, on a $20 Target bookshelf in the corner, maybe that would make sense.

Living room stylingLiving room styling

In retrospect, I’m really glad we didn’t do that. It’s obviously a crazy shot in the dark (haha, lighting humor), that would have probably ended with another put-it-together-take-it-apart-return-it kind of situation and I just couldn’t put Andrew through that again. 🙂

At the end of the day, we decided just to do nothing. Nothing at all. After all of that contemplating and scheming, we just did nothing. I’m actually happier this way, because I think adding another element to the room would have been a big mistake. I actually think we are a little too obsessed with drawing more light into the living room. The way it’s lit now is actually very cozy, and I don’t think we really want to mess with that. Maybe a new idea will strike us a month from now and it will actually make sense, but for now, we’re a 2-lamp living room kind of people and we’re loving it.

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