We’re Baaaaaccckkk

That’s right…we’re back from our vacation and we’re married. #1 Question: What’s married life like? #1 Answer: The same!

Andrew and I have been together for over 6 years now, and it’s great to make this legal, but other than my last name, nothing’s changed. We spent our “honeymoon” in Playa del Carmen Mexico. Most people are shocked to learn that we actually found this trip to be a bit boring! It rained more than we would have liked and we’ve come to find out (as we suspected) we’re not “all-inclusive” people. We’re more like all-adventure people who want to see and do as much as possible while on a vacation. I always say that I work harder on vacation than I do while actually at work. Needless to say, we’ve had better vacations. Lucky for us, we were together for all of them.

Here’s a little look back at all of our adventures and some snap shots from Mexico last week. Coming very soon…wedding photos!

Study abroad in London - obviously the best "vacation" ever. We Traveled all around Europe and had the best time ever!
Los Angeles, CA - We've visited L.A. two times now and we always love it there! We have a ton of friends out there, so we'll probably be heading out West again very soon!
Lake Placid, NY
Upstate NY - A quick weekend getaway, but a fabulous trip nonetheless! I grew up vacationing in Lake Placid at my family's 2nd home there. As corny as it is, it is truly a magical place for us!
Yellowstone National Park - In 2010, we went to Las Vegas and from there we explored the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. We love big adventures!
Us in Mexico
Xel Ha in Mexico - A quick snapshot of our time in Mexico. We mostly enjoyed spending time in the outdoors and experiencing Mexican nature!
Iguana at Tulum, Mexico
Tulum, Mexico - Iguanas in Tulum, Mexico.

4 thoughts on “We’re Baaaaaccckkk”

  1. Hey Megan…. seems that you have some bad luck with the weather right now. Since you are all adventure folks I would recommend you to visit the Zip-Line park Xplor or take an ATV jungle tour. There is tons of stuff you can do here without getting bored 😉

  2. Being married changed nothing for the Kevin and I, either (except my last name, of course).

    So if you’re Europe pros, where would you suggest going on a one year anniversary trip (I can’t believe we’re already planning that)?

    1. It’s good to hear someone else with the same view on the marriage thing!

      So many countries….so little time! How much time would you spend there? My favorite country was Italy, but my favorite city was Amsterdam! London is amazing too, but we spent 4 months living there, so we saw it all. See my post here about that adventure: Panic on the Streets of London

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