When you pin, you win.

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest by now, you’ve been living under a rock (at least one that doesn’t have wireless internet access). I started pinning a few months back and since then, Pinterest has seemingly exploded onto the social media scene. I, for one, LOVE it! It’s my new addiction. I’m trying new things, making new recipes, crafting – all because of this amazing inspiration tool.

We’ve been eating some great new meals, snacks and treats lately like Loaded Baked Potato Soup, Quinoa Cakes, Banana Cinnamon Swirl Bread and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus to name a few. All found on Pinterest. I just can’t get enough.

Now I’ve stumbled upon several kitchen menu boards in my Pinterest travels. We’re always looking for ways to get more organized in the kitchen and plan out our meals. I came across one DIY menu board idea in particular that really struck my fancy. A. because it looked easy and B. because I like the idea of using chalkboard markers (like on the menus at Starbucks). I Pinned this from A Content Housewife: Menu Board Tutorial, and now I own one.

We headed to Michael’s, picked out a nice big picture frame, some scrapbook paper for the background and some chalkboard markers.

We cut the scrapbook paper using a blade and straight edge.

Cutting card stock

We used black card stock and this plastic, clear and black print to go with.

Black card stock

We inserted the scrapbook papers, replaced the frame backing and voila! A menu board was born.

DIY menu board

Now for the fun part: writing with the chalkboard markers.

Chalkboard markers

We found these at Michael’s too. I wrote the days of the week down the left side of the board and began filling in the meals next to the corresponding day of the week. In the tutorial I found, they used letter stickers to permanently apply the days of the week, but we couldn’t find any stickers we liked, so we just stuck with writing everything in.

DIY menu board

I think we’re going to end up going for a lighter background, as this one doesn’t work as perfectly with the colored markers. We could also opt for white chalkboard markers, but I quite like the colorful ones. All we have to do is swap out the dark scrapbook paper in the frame for some lighter maybe beige or white paper that will allow the writing to show better.

This is a fun way to organize your meals and it will spice up your kitchen decor. I recommend this DIY menu board idea and Pinterest to everyone!

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4 thoughts on “When you pin, you win.

  1. Love this! I’ve been writing out our meals and taping them to the fridge. It saves money when going grocery shopping and saves time so we don’t have to hover around the fridge deciding what to take out for dinner. Unfortunetly, we have NO, and I mean NO wallspace in our tiny kitchen (it’s 47 square feet) to hang something like that.

    • Thanks! We love using the menu board! Do you have any dining room/area space you could use to hang it? Maybe try getting a small frame, attach magnets to the back of it and hang it on the fridge?

  2. That is strange about the fridge! We almost put ours in the dining room, but now it’s sitting on a shelf in the kitchen. I think the dining room is a great spot for it!

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